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Online experiential leadership training in self-managed teams that empowers growth through shared practice.

Learn with instructors and peers in real time.

Unlike self-guided classes, experiential training in self-managed teams develops deep knowledge and personal development.

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“Professor Mayer’s approach to learning is going to change you as a person, which is, I think, his goal. I am better for having taken this class, specifically with Professor Mayer and his methodology. Be bold in participation, self-aware, and willing to expose yourself to the class. Would absolutely take again!”

Anonymous student,

“What you have achieved with your online leadership courses is very impressive. Years ago, when you first started, I had serious doubts that group experiential learning as it occurs onsite could also occur online. But here we are. You have always said that we are inventing a technology. My best wishes to you as we continue this — our — exploration!”

Terri Monroe, Ed. D., Associate Professor of Leadership Studies, University of San Diego

“Daniel Mayer has been an outstanding professor and great colleague for the last 15 years. His innovative experiential methodology for teaching leadership online is particularly well suited for adult learners. His courses, both stimulating and challenging, are greatly appreciated by his students as they become aware of their mental models and deeply held assumptions that impact the ways they lead others. This enhanced capacity for self-reflection and self-criticism results in significant growth, which in turn opens new possibilities for professional development.”

Dr. Julia Buchanan, Lead Faculty, Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership, National University, San Diego, CA

Convenience and Accessibility

We get it – life is busy. That’s why we designed convenient and challenging experiential online leadership training. 

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Meet Your Professor

Daniel Mayer



Prof. Mayer challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. These courses are not about grades. They are about motivation, commitment, personal growth, and the skill that different participants bring to their team. Through individual and group self-reflection, you and your peers work through the ups and downs of group dynamics applying fundamental ideas that lead you to become a peak performing team. Read full bio.

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