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About Professor Mayer

For many years Professor Mayer was a consultant in Human Resources and Quality Assurance in world class organizations (customers included Citizen Watch and Estafeta Mexicana, Mexico’s premier courier company). For over ten years he has taught experiential online leadership classes to graduate students at National University and at the Annual International Gathering in Biosemiotics. He is a regular participant in the Leadership for Change conferences at the University of San Diego. 

Since 2003 he has been regularly invited to form part of the team that manages Group Relations conferences organized by the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego. He holds a masters’ degree in Quality Engineering and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. His book, The Nature of Living Being: From Distinguishing Distinctions to Ethics is the result of decades of reflection on the nature of organization, of both organisms and organizations. Professor Mayer has devoted his life to education. He has been invited to read papers on Bernard Lonergan and on Biosemiotics.

Experience includes teaching juvenile delinquents, underprivileged children and the production of training videos. For a decade he lived and worked (two years as curator) at The Monkey Sanctuary, renowned center for primate conservation in the UK. He was a Research Fellow at the Lonergan Institute.

Prof. Mayer has been highly rated at ratemyprofessors.com since 2005. With 64 student ratings, his Overall Quality is 4.2. Here are some of these reviews.

Mr. Mayer challenges you to step out of your comfort zone in a group. The course is not about the grade, but the work style, motivation, and skill level each individual team member brings to the group through criticism, self-reflection, self-evaluation all while you and your team go thru ups and downs towards performing as a functioning team.

Mr. Mayer is not too difficult a professor. Learning is experiential through working in small teams. Pay attention to the feedback he provides and incorporate it into your writings.

This class is hard work. Professor Mayer makes you analyze all the readings, and at the same time, all your emotions and learning about the team’s dynamic, in a deeper way. It feels sometimes that you don’t have a guide, but his leadership is very clear for people who understand the non-linear and non-traditional environment. I loved the class.

I loved his teaching style. This class was all about exercising leadership and learning the ethics and theories behind it in doing so, it is very hands-on. If you do take his class seriously you are bound to learn a lot about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses as a leader.

Prof. Mayer teaches in a way that I’ve never experienced before and you don’t typically “get it” until two weeks into the course. The workload is easy, but it’s the CONTENT of these assignments is what makes the class difficult. If you work hard enough and ask the right questions, then you’re on your way to a great experience with Prof. Mayer.

Get ready to step outside your comfort zone. If you have pride and arrogance, leave it at the door. KEY WORD, “Adapt” to his teaching style rather than question it!! Be willing and flexible; Professor will challenge you but it’s for your own good!! The most challenging professor that I encountered and the most rewarding. This professor is deeeeep!!

I really recommend this class to all students who really want to learn through experiences. If you want an easy traditional class, this is not for you. In this class you need to work hard and think hard with your team members and by yourself. You have to earn your grade by participating and sharing your emotions, but it’s all worth it at the end.

Very good Professor! We work in groups and have to complete papers as a team, gives great feedback on our assignments. I learned more in this class from my teammates than lectures, but overall it was a great experience and I would take another class he teaches.

Great professor who really wants you to learn something. Class seemed a bit different at first, but I grew to really appreciate his teaching method.

Such a great learning experience, one that I am grateful for. Professor Mayer is dynamic and encouraging all while taking you out of your comfort zone and opening you up to a new way of learning. Think outside the box!

Professor Mayer is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He spends more time engaging his students in learning, than any instructor, I have had at National. If you really want to learn a skill that is invaluable than his classes are definitely for you! No other teacher is as thoughtful, engaged or as organized as Professor Mayer. The best!

Professor Mayer’s approach to learning is going to change you as a person, which is, I think, his goal. I am better for having taken this class, specifically with Professor Mayer and his methodology. Be bold in participation, self-aware, and willing to expose yourself to the class. Would absolutely take again!

His class will stretch you and force you to go beyond yourself. It may not be heavy in papers, but it will require you to be introspective and ask yourself some tough questions. You must be willing to be vulnerable in order to maximize your learning experience.

Outstanding Class! Practical teaching and real-life learning! It would recommend this professor to anyone wanting to immediately apply what they are learning.

Awesome class!!! Intimidating at first…you will definitely experience anxiety but you will learn A LOT!!! I wish more courses were taught this way.

The class was great. I really learned a lot about groups and myself. I can use the information on the job. He had a different style of teaching and I really enjoyed learning. He made you really look at yourself and self-reflect which sometimes can be very hard to do. I learned that I can work with a group, lead a group and be very successful at it

Professor Mayer is the best professor I’ve had so far at NU. He definitely makes sure students experience and apply the learning material to become the best possible leaders. I learned a lot about organizations, groups, and myself. Definitely take his class!!! 🙂

Outstanding class. I feel even though the structure of the class was not what I am used to, it was very helpful to understand and apply the objectives learned. Outstanding job by the Professor Mayer on the way he structured the class. Very helpful and enjoyed the empowerment and group dynamics. Thank You.


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