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Something for Everyone:


For sound foundations

1. Leadership Bootcamp
2. Effective Teams

Learn more about leadership courses and becoming a leader.
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For solid development

1. Adaptive Leadership
2. Ethical Leadership

Learn more about leadership courses and becoming a leader.
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For continuing growth

1. Leadership Training Consultant
2. Leadership Functional Specialties
3. The Nature of Organization

Learn more about leadership courses and becoming a leader.
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What to Expect
  • Four 2½ hr weekly experiential sessions
  • A 1hr live session before class starts to become familiar with the online platform
  • Intensive training in self-managed teams during a month long collaboration with your team
  • Weekly readings and videos for individual and team assignments
  • Substantial personalized feedback from the instructor and fellow participants
  • Ongoing modeling of effective leadership from the instructor
  • Effective training in holding steady to exercise leadership in chaotic situations
  • Immediate and noticeable effective leadership skills at work, with family, in sports, etc
  • A clear path to continue developing effective leadership skills in the future 
  • All round deeply challenging and highly rewarding courses
  • A certificate of completion and, when appropriate, recognition of outstanding performance.
What NOT to Expect
  • Not self-paced online courses: these are challenging leadership bootcamps with self-managed teams of real people 
  • No academic credit: these courses are not for credit; they are about skills for real life that will be immediately evident
  • Not a breeze: solid work and commitment to your team is a must
  • Not information: these courses are for development and growth; you must put yourself on the line 
  • No waffling: success depends on a willingness to be self-reflective and self-critical
  • No cutting corners or fast results: while the leadership skills learnt are immediately applicable and effective, full results begin after the third week and beyond
  • You will not hate belonging to a team, on the contrary, you will love it and when the course ends it will be a heart-break to say goodbye to your team-mates

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I sign up?

Click Enroll in the course of your choice (note previous course requirements). Secure your place by taking advantage of Early Bird enrollment.

What do I get when I enroll?

Enrollment per course is strictly limited to 35 participants.
Price includes:

  • Live preliminary introductory session (1hr) to Moodle online teaching-learning platform
  • Four weekly 2½hrs group live sessions
  • Pre-selected self-managed teams
  • Leadership modeling throughout the course
  • Weekly substantial personalized feedback from Instructor and Peers for all individual and team assignments
  • Skills are immediately applicable and evident at work, with family, in sports, etc.
  • Clear path for ongoing development of effective leadership skills
  • Full Satisfaction two weeks after the completion of the course or Money Back Guarantee.

Who are these courses for?

These courses are for experienced people with a serious interest in leadership training. This training calls for reflection and a readiness to question long-held assumptions.

You can be motivated to take our courses for various reasons:

– you are in a position of authority and would like to learn how to exercise leadership and encourage others to do the same

– you are not in a position of authority and would like to exercise leadership in your organization

– you are in an organization that requires change 

– you are in a fast-changing organization and you want to gain a sense of direction

– you are going through a midlife career change and want to gain a key skill

– you seek greater clarity about purpose: your own, your team’s, your organization’s

– your organization is experiencing difficulties and you want to help it pull through 

– you enjoy personal growth


We offer special packages for organizations, please contact us.


Who teaches the courses?

See Bio of Professor Daniel Mayer.

How are the courses structured?

All our classes follow the same simple structure: four consecutive online live sessions on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:30 PST, with a one-hour orientation to our online platform from 6:00 to 7:00 PST the Monday before the initial Tuesday.

How are students assigned to teams?

Detailed Welcome Letters and Course Outlines are provided to all enrolled students a week before the beginning of their course. The Welcome Letter includes team assignments.  

How are these experiential classes organized?

Detailed Welcome Letters and Course Outlines are provided to all enrolled students a week before the beginning of their course. The Outline includes a detailed explanation of the experiential structure of the course, schedule of assignments, grading rubrics, advice to students and much more.

Who determines how and when self-managed student teams will work together?

Aside from the mandatory set times for live sessions, self-managed student teams collectively define for themselves how and when they collaborate together.

Is this a live course?

Yes! These are experiential courses – with the convenience that they are online. This is our specialty. Our monthly courses consist of four 2½hrs weekly group live sessions with intensive work in self-managed teams (5-7 members). As a participant, every week you receive substantial personalized feedback from the Instructor and from your peers in response to both your individual and your team assignments. The live setting allows the instructor to model leadership throughout the course and for you to practice your skills in your team. This learning is for real life. Results are immediately reflected at work, with your family, in sports, etc. You will clearly know how to continue developing your leadership skills beyond the course.


Our courses are online and easy to access from any device.


Learn with and from others across all industries.


Real professors in real time guide you through learning.


Course times are scheduled in advance around professional schedules.


Peak learning through the challenging nature of experiential learning.

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